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Talcott’s Auto Repair makes relationships with their customers their number one priority. “When you have that close relationship, trust comes naturally, comments John Talcott, owner of the business. Trust is important no matter if it’s a customer we’ve known for years or one who has just met us”. A family owned business since 2003, Talcott’s continues to grow as they move their business forward with customers who have learned to rely on them.

Another reason for Talcott’s success is they understand their customers need to have their cars repaired quickly. Most of the repairs are completed the same day! More importantly, John always calls and discusses replacements and repairs before starting the work on your car.

At Talcott Auto Repair, they are committed to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. That’s why they do a 30 point check up on each car.

Trust, convenience, safety and reliability. What more could you want from an auto repair facility?

Talcott Auto Repair Family

Talcott's Auto Repair Staff

Talcott's Auto Repair Owner

John Talcott, Owner & Technician

John has been working on cars for 28 years. His training began when he attended VoTech in high school followed by a diploma from the Diesel Institute of America.

His first experience in repair included work at a Nissan dealership and followed by many years repairing heavy equipment, trucks and tractor trailers. Later he owned and drove a tractor trailer while repairing cars part time. The part time business began to flourish and in 2003 he opened Talcott’s Auto Repair.

Training for John is important and not only is he ASE certified, but he has also completed training with Caterpillar, Mack Truck and NAPA.

John never lets grass grow under his feet as he is also an Assembly of God pastor for New Church Fellowship in Fairfield. John is married to his wife Dana and they have 6 children.

Talcott's Auto Repair Matt Talcott, Technician

Matt Talcott, Technician

Matt is a technician for Talcott’s Auto Repair. He has his Associates Degree in Automotive Technology from Harrisburg Area Community College. He has passed all the requirements to be an ASE certified technician.

Matt is married his wife Clair and enjoys fishing, mountain biking and working on his truck.

Talcott's Auto Repair Dana Talcott, Bookkeeper

Dana Talcott, Bookkeeper

Dana’s past life includes teaching with her Masters as a reading specialist. Dana now is a bookkeeper for Talcott’s Auto Repair; home schools her children and does home school evaluations for the community.

Dana and her husband John have 6 children and are foster parents for Adams County Children and Youth. Dana enjoys gardening, swimming and spending time with her children.

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